Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get your pattern emailed to me in a PDF format?
NO, they are not available in PDF because the pattern pieces don't fit on 8.5 x11 paper for printing in home printers. Having the printed patterns allows you to get sewing and not waste time sizing and gluing paper pieces together.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes the patterns are available to shops in minimums of twelve, which can be mixed. Write to me for a full list and terms. I do not do consignments.

Can I sell the dragons or dolls I make from the patterns?
Yes, IF you attach a tag on it with your name as the creator and credit the pattern to my name or I love to see people make these designs to share with others. Many women have also donated dragons or dolls to fundraisers and drawings, and I have thanked them for their consideration in citing me as the pattern source.

Can I teach a class or lead a doll club in making dragons or dolls from patterns?
Yes, ONLY IF each person purchases their own pattern from me, or if the sewing shop who is sponsoring the group has purchased wholesale from me. I offer a 30% discount to clubs who purchase 10 or more patterns at one time. I appreciate knowing about plans like this and can offer some tips to the facilitator.

Can I copy the pattern pieces onto freezer paper at home for my own use?
Yes, the pieces that are templates are great to use on freezer paper ironed onto the fabric. BUT enlarging my patterns is a mistake because the construction won't hold up in a bigger scale, and reducing is just really nuts. The patterns are copyrighted and cannot be copied for any other purpose.

Where can I find a Bow Turner or turning tool?
DollmakersJourney.Com carries turners which are tubes with rods that fit inside. Sewing stores carry the Dritz "Quick Turn" for about $8.oo with 3 sizes, and the smallest works for the dragon tail. My own 12" set was made with a metal tube about the size of a pencil and a thinner metal rod that I purchased at a hobby supply store for $3.00. Don't get the kind that have a claw on the end of a wire which functions differently.


Will my dragon look like the ones on your website?
Yes, all pictures on the website show dragons made from the patterns by myself and others, following the fabric guidelines and stuffing directions. Typical problems can arise when the face is over stuffed, the body or wings are under stuffed, and knit fabrics are used. Some people have been more satisfied with the dragon wings when they added a wire in them.

For the Dragon legs, can I use wire other than clothes hanger wire?
Yes, florist wire in 16 gauge or heavier works, or bundle lighter wires together, or use heavy aluminum doll armature wire. Some people have used romax construction electric wire for the legs and in the tail, and have added lighter wires to the wing sections, all to good effect.

Can I use knitted fabrics?
NO, knits are not a good choice because they keep expanding when putting in the stuffing. Use only woven fabrics to keep the shape under the pressure. If your favorite fabric is a knit, you can try fusing it to a sturdy iron-on interfacing or onto a woven backing fabric.

Where can I find fabric prints that look like dragon scales or feathers?
If you do not have a fabric store nearby, a good mail order fabric source is At thrift stores I have found garments with wonderful snakeskin or scaly textured prints. It is best to keep the different fabrics at about the same weight or thickness, so if you like a fabric that is too light weight, support it with iron on interfacing or another fabric layer to make it sturdier. If you love a print that is not the color you want, you can always PAINT it with acrylic, or stain it with inks. Add enhancing brush strokes after you have sewn the parts, or after it is assembled. I have cut up a pair of wide wale corduroy pants for the striped belly fabric. It had to be pieced together and it was white, so I stained it with a paint wash to coordinate with the body color. You can paint the whole dragon if you wish.


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HANDMADE DETAILS - Every item I sell is made entirely by hand and will be very similar but not an exact copy of what is pictured. If the item you receive is different from what you expected based on my photos and you wish to return it, please contact me to discuss an exchange, credit or refund. If you are purchasing a hat, please refer to the sizing chart and directions on the hats page to ensure the hat will fit you well.

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