Melinda Small Paterson's devotion to labyrinths has lead to interpretations using encaustic paint and meditative designs in the form of spherical canvases you can hold in your hand.

Here is a way to complete your festival costume for the next fantasy cosplay event or Ren Fair. You can instantly become a woodland creature with an elf hat, faerie fedora, wizard hat, leaf belt, acorn necklace, or hooded mantle!

Explore the realm of Melinda's original elf and faerie cloth dolls and her  miniature porcelain faeries.

The vibrant folklore characters of the forest witch Baba Yaga and maiden Vasalisa come to life in these cloth doll patterns by Melinda Small Paterson.

Labyrinth Art

Fabric Art

Mortals have dreamt of having the remarkable powers of the Wee Folk. Now the magical formulas are in these jars of magical faerie dust, the gifts of faerie glamour.

Faerie Realm

Sew your own cloth dragons with a Melinda Small Paterson pattern. No need to be an expert here with these workshop-tested designs and easy to follow illustrated instructions.

Cloth Doll Patterns

In one hour with this kit, you can make a miniature Rag Doll for your doll or doll house. Add a bit more time and you'll have a 2 inch Americana topsy turvy. All materials included.